Wastewater Ceramic Media Change-Outs
RTO | Ceramic Media
Wastewater treatment facilities are required to
remove VOC’s
contained within the treatment of
water. These facilities introduce water vapor through
sumps or knock-out tanks to remove the
vast majority of the liquids while sending to the
regenerative thermal oxidizer system
VOC laden
process air
. The forced air subjected to the
regenerative thermal oxidizer system has
very high
and lower VOC content which
consequently reduces heat retention in the lower
areas of the heat recovery bed. Higher humidity
reduces the thermal efficiency of the overall system
and will required more energy or fuel to sustain
thermal operating temperature. It is important to
recognize that systems having high humidity will
have higher operating and exhaust temperatures,
so design is an important factor in the
overall success
. Below we have listed several
other items to reduce operating costs and thermal
effects within the regenerative thermal oxidizer
Vertical structured ceramic media reduces clogging and downtime in Regenerative Thermal
Oxidizers. Regenerative treatment facilities for volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement and odor
control. RTO's operate at their highest efficiency when equipped with
high-quality structured ceramic
media packing
; the structured material within the Heat Recovery Chamber sustains the most favorable
temperature for the oxidation process.
Many older Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer systems were
installed with saddle or random packing
, these packing’s rapidly become clogged with salts and
, which cause very costly shutdowns and quarterly clean outs or washouts. We use ceramic
structured packing engineered to resist particulates and plugging while increasing system uptime. Ceramic
structured media packing is
composed of larger openings which run vertically within in the
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer bed,
eliminating any horizontal surfaces that may create resistance
to vapor flow
. This vertically structured construction radically reduces the channeling of vapor and
provides for more efficient contact with the ceramic media surface. This increased effectiveness offers
reductions in fuel consumption with the prospect to increase flow through the Regenerative Thermal
Oxidizer Heat Recovery Chamber over ceramic saddle packing’s. The deficit of horizontal surfaces also
minimizes the packing's ability to entrap particulates such as silica powder from the incoming process air,
while reducing the pressure drop across the Heat Recovery Chamber.

After replacing existing ceramic random packed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer beds with vertically
structured ceramic structured media, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer users in wastewater applications
observe a decrease in pressure drop
around 22 percent or more while noticing improved efficiency,
resulting in significantly
lower electrical and fuel costs in Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer operation.
American Environmental Fabrication & Supply offers engineering expertise and experience in ceramic
media packing installations and retrofits. We offer many different opening sizes on our non-porous ceramic
media depending on your requirements

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