We Buy Used Air Pollution Control Equipment and Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems

Often many companies are not able to purchase new air pollution control equipment. Many plants have
staffs that have repaired air pollution control equipment such as Scrubbers, Bag Houses, Filtration
Equipment, Granulated Carbon Systems, Gas Separators, Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems, Direct Fired
or Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers and would prefer to buy used equipment, in part  due to the capitol
budget restrictions.

We are always looking to buy used equipment, we recondition the equipment and sell, rent or lease the
equipment to plants that are searching for used equipment. Often we act as brokers between our customers
and your equipment. Many times we bring the equipment to our facility and make the necessary repairs such
as upgrading the PLC logic and adding additional safety and compliance components to bring the pollution
control equipment up to current MACT or BACT standards. If you are down sizing or deleting a certain
emission operation within your plant and no longer have the need for your air pollution control system such
as Regenerative, Catalytic or Direct Fired System, please give us a call to see what we can do for you.

We Sell Used Air Pollution Control Equipment

We are a fully integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and services company and as such we can
rebuild used air pollution control equipment at our 27,000 Sq. Ft. Plant and maintain the equipment until sold
on our 600 acres. We can upgrade a used system to meet your permit requirements. Often changing out
PLC's, Ceramic Media, Burners or Valves to the latest more efficient technologies. We additionally offer
assistance in obtaining the correct equipment for your permitting needs. Call to find out what equipment we
have in stock.

Rebuilding and Relocating Your Existing Equipment  

If you have a used system that you wanting to relocate, we can bring that system to our plant and completely
overhaul the equipment to bring it to compliance standards at your other plant. We run diagnostics on all the
components and electrical system to assure complete safety. Review and change any necessary PLC logic,
add dilution air systems, LEL monitors and O2 Monitors or if the DRE requirements are higher than the
previous plant add additional devices such as separate third chambers for higher 99+ DRE. Systems can be
upgraded without being discarded. We also offer simple disassembly, transportation and re-assembly of
your equipment.

Support and Service
We support our customers with 24/7 response service and availability. We also employ individuals who are
not only experts in their field, but also share our mission. We understand the importance of trust. Contact  us
today to see how our products and services can help you increase your profit and efficiency!

We know we are successful when our customers are successful. Dependable, efficient and responsive
support and service is the key component of our company.  We are dedicated to being the best supplier of
air pollution control equipment to the customers we serve.
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