The environmental pollution industry has evolved considerably over the last decade. Throughout these evolving thermal oxidizer control technologies and
failed suppliers we have stayed the course, patenting new technologies, developing business and building a reliable service department with a
comprehensive selection of pre and post-installation service. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers is our business and no project, engineering or construction
is too big or too small.
  • Individual Parts Requests
  • Recommended Spare Parts Packages
  • Emergency packs for all plants
  • Starter spare parts packages for new plants
  • Training and Equipment Instruction
  • Plant and System Airflow Balancing
  • Destruction Efficiency (DRE) Check-Ups
  • Operating/Consumption Cost Reviews
  • Spent Activated Carbon Reactivation Service
  • A two-day air control equipment maintenance
    evaluation covering the electrical, process control
    loops, burner systems, mechanical systems and
    optimization of your pollution control equipment
  • Thermal Oxidizer/System Relocation
  • Granulated Carbon Systems
  • Biofiltration Systems
  • Bio-Reactor Systems
  • Increased Volume/Capacity
  • Improved Capture Rate
  • Increased Destruction Efficiency
  • Reduction in Operating Costs
  • Improved Reliability
  • 24/7 Emergency Services (918 708-1253) Ext. 3001  
  • Troubleshooting Visits
  • Remote System Evaluation Via Modem
  • Maintenance Plans and Service Contracts
  • Training and Equipment Instruction
  • Plant and System Airflow Balancing
  • Destruction Efficiency (DRE) Check-ups
  • Operating/Consumption Cost Reviews
  • Crane, Boom and Fork Lift Services
We have experience in service, rebuilds, refurbishing and relocating air pollution control equipment to include granulated carbon system, biofiltration,
bio-reaction systems and thermal oxidizers from most manufacturers makes and models. We offer superior control technology reducing fuel usage averaging
25%. Processes include Particulate Emissions, Waste Gas Incineration, VOC Control, H2S, SO2, CO, Siloxane Removal, Acid Scrubbers, Turbine
Equipment, Oxygen Production equipment and other equipment used in the treatment of air pollution control. Customer service is our number one goal.
General Service
Retrofit, Rebuild and Upgrades
Service and Maintenance (PME)
Thermal Oxidizer Spare Parts Service
We provide maintenance that is carried out by qualified personnel increasing the reliability of your plant. American Environmental Fabrication & Supply’s
Preventive Maintenance Plans are custom tailored to your needs. We'll work with you to design a PM plan that addresses service frequency, needs,
balancing, optimization techniques, catalyst testing or system testing.

To optimize your operation, we recommend planned maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals. Our experienced field service technicians conduct in-
depth inspections and performance testing that includes measuring and analyzing overall thermal oxidizer control equipment efficiency, unit performance,
and auxiliary equipment. Based on our results, we will optimize your oxidizer system for maximum performance.  Planned maintenance allows us to identify
potential problems and respond with a solution that keeps your equipment operating at peak efficiency. With a properly designed
Maintenance Plan
in place you can focus your maintenance efforts on your production equipment, minimize costly replacements, and keep accurate
compliance records. We recognize that new customers to air pollution control equipment may feel apprehensive about maintaining their systems, or many
users are minimizing maintenance staffs and just don’t have the time to maintain their thermal oxidizer system(s). American Environmental Fabrication &
Supply stands ready to serve your maintenance needs.
Service and Maintenance of Your Thermal Oxidizer
If you own or have purchased a company which has an existing regenerative (RTO), Catalytic (CTO) or Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) and plan to
as simple as changing out the current media bed which will allow you to increase your production without the cost of replacement. American Environmental
Fabrication & Supply will design the right additional equipment for your task.
American Environmental Fabrication & Supply provides reconditioning, rebuild and retrofit which will increase the reliability of the oxidizer system and have
appreciable effect on the asset, restoring operational value to a depreciated investment. The benefits of these weighed projects offer a return that can
satisfy most budget allocation analysis. Subsystems can be evaluated and targeted so that improvements can be staged to meet plant production
schedules, at plant manageable contract size with immediate net results. Typically the customer may not be able to stop production for an internal visual
inspection. An external visual, analytical and mechanical examination along with engineered studies of pressure drops, air and gas flows rates and other
measured methods will determine the state of the unit. This will prepare the plant for the repairs at a predetermined scheduled shut down.
Rebuild Thermal Oxidizer
The fundamental principles of Regenerative and Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer technology has led to the development of structured heat transfer media. These
can act as a replacement or addition to the regenerative media bed, or it can be isolated in the exhaust to effect a specific byproduct. Conversion of a
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) to a Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) can provide benefits that are, for the most part, are at par with the benefits
of well manufactured (RCO). By adding a precious metal catalyst or base metal catalyst to the heat recovery chamber of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer,
volatile organic compounds (VOC) conversion occurs at lower operating temperature, typically 600°F to 900°F, thereby reducing auxiliary fuel requirement.
Catalyst and Ceramic Media Replacement
American Environmental Fabrication & Supply's engineers and professional installation services. Our capabilities range from contractor supervision to
relocation service that is within your budget. Whether your installation involves new equipment or if you need to move existing equipment, we can help. The
following items are just a few examples of our services.
Relocate Thermal Oxidizer
Superior Burner Technology
American Environmental Fabrication & Supply has developed a thermal oxidizer burner control system that reduces fuel costs on a average of 25%. With PLC
burner integration and control during thermal oxidizer operation we can finely tune the oxygen levels and mixtures thus offering unmatched burner control
technology. Ask how your thermal oxidizer can be retrofitted to reduce fuel usage and comply with the any burner state or federal mandates.
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