Purchasing Plans & Options Made Easy
American Environmental Fabrication & Supply, LLC offers an easy purchasing method of buying reliable air
pollution control equipment such as Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Absorption System, Filtercrobe
Bio-Filtration System, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer Equipment. Our equipment
designed to your specific waste-gas requirements. This is completed with a plant facilities
questionnaire that can be completed within 20 minutes, afterwards you will
receive a formal quotation
usually within 24 hours

Outright equipment purchases will require that you pay an equipment deposit. Usual equipment deposits will
represent 20% of the equipment purchase price. Upon completion of your equipment there will be a
substantial amount paid toward your purchase, this amount is usually 60% of the equipment cost. The
remainder will be paid within 30 days after receipt or installation depending on your purchase arrangement.

You will be able during the manufacturing stage to
inspect your equipment and review milestones along
the manufacturing schedule. After the product is manufactured, you may wish to come to the plant and
operate your equipment and have your employees trained. We have full equipment Internet
compatibility to use on your completed system, meaning you can operate and train either at the our plant or
over the Internet on your system.  This is of course your decision. Should your specific equipment be in
stock at the time of order then of course a 50% deposit will be due on signing and 30% balance at a agreed
upon delivery date with the balance within 30 days.

Some equipment plans that you may wish to consider are:
Leasing Plans, Long Term Service Plans,
Long and Short Term Rental Plans or a Energy Performance Contract
. Many of these plans are
dependent upon the way your company wishes to depreciate the equipment, we encourage you to speak
with your accounting department.

Long Term Service Plans are available on all our manufactured equipment. This service method
guarantees a process amount with a guaranteed VOC, HAPS or other contaminants destruction, coupled
with a solid run time guarantee. This method allows the facility to retain much of their capitol and allows the
company to write the entire service fee off each year. This plan includes a
full equipment maintenance
program to include on the
shelve replacement parts, remote access for troubleshooting and 24/7
technical assistance

The plan also has a
guaranteed run time. If for any reason that the equipment is down beyond the
normal alloted maintenance days, simply stated
you will not be paying for a piece of equipment that is
not being used or any costs of specialized repairs
. For more information about our Long Term
Service Plans,Long Term or Short Term Rental Plans or Energy Performance Contracts, please call or
specify your selection on the product request form. We offer many options to choose from.
We are one of
the few manufactures that are willing to
stand behind our equipment in writing. Before making your
equipment choice, look over the other manufactures and see what guarantees they have on the equipment,
make sure that they will stand behind their product with reliable service.
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