Programmable Logic Controllers
ReGen PLC Controls
The programmable logic controllers circuitry monitors the status of multiple sensor inputs, which
control output actuators, motor starters, solenoids, combustion & main system fans, burner
control, lights, displays and valves. Digital signals from the air pollution control equipment
an on or off signal, which the programmable logic controller sees as
Boolean values, those with only two
true or false. Analog signals are also used for devices like volume controls these analog signals
can be seen by the programmable logic controller as floating point values
. This is one way in
which a computer can represent a rational number.

The air pollution control system has the ability to use a
web interface on a computer running
supervisory control and data acquisition system such as Distributed Control System (DCS) or
Data Acquisition (SCADA) system with full data logging capabilities
. These systems allow interface
with the system on a touch screen (HMI) interface monitor. Control systems allows the control room

operator to monitor and control
various functions of  the operating system such as on line process,
monitoring various inputs and outputs, start and stopping of the equipment. If so desired you may allow

continued off site monitoring, text messaging of alarms, data logging of Temperature, Oxygen
Levels, Lower Explosive Limits (LEL), Temperature
and many other functions that's available to
monitor and log.
Modern Air Pollution Control Equipment often use
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).  American
Environmental Fabrication & Supply's
writes specific
propriety ladder logic
on a computer, and then downloads
the code into the programmable logic controller directly
through a cable connection.
Our air pollution control
systems such as bio-filtration and thermal oxidizer
may be further integrated into your network and is
available for control from any computer.
With proper access
rights the system can be operated from any standard
The PLC program is stored in the
programmable logic controller in non-volatile memory.
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