Industrial Ceramic Fiber Module | Service | Repair | Design
  • Low bulk density  
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to heat-shock
  • Resistance to airspeed eroding
  • High mechanical strength
  • High safety within anchor
1.2% @ 2372F
ReGen High Temperature Ceramic Insulation
Quality industrial ceramic fiber module service, repair and thermal design for regenerative thermal
oxidizers, regenerative catalytic oxidizers and direct fired thermal oxidizers. If you've found a hot spot or
material that fell off your walls or ceiling or just need a complete ceramic fiber replacement were ready
to made the necessary repairs.

Each module we use is made of folded stacks of ceramic blanket material bonded to form a modular
block. We use very high density 8" thick - 12lb Density with our replacement you will have years of
service available. Unless added temperature is required for halogenated process gases. Each module
is hand welded in place vs machine stud weld that is prone to break off and cause
deterioration of
the skin
. Module material is also professionally machine tamped in place assuring proper heat
retention and metal protection for years to come
. Below is the quality standard on all
Regenerative and Catalytic thermal oxidizers unless special applications apply.
300×300×150~300mm - 11.81" X 11.81" X 7.91" to 11.81"
Heat Recovery Chamber, Combustion Chamber, Exhaust Duct, Exhaust Stack
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