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Stationary Filtercrobe
Air Pollution Control Equipment
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Municipal Wastewater Odor Control
Microbes at Work US PATENT #5,780,293

The Filtercrobe® process:

        Uses proven catalytic carbon to absorb HAPs, VOCs, H2S, SO2, Siloxane and Halogenated Compounds
        Oxidizes hydrogen sulfide gases <700ppm and converts byproduct to water soluble sulfur compounds.
        Special collection of aerobic microbes consume the VOC and Halogenated Hydrocarbon compounds.
        These unique natural microbes creates no biomass.

The Filtercrobe® Outcome:

        Eliminates hazardous byproducts.
        Cleans and rejuvenates granular activated carbon while in place.
        Provides a cost effective scrubber.
        Process efficiency provides a reduced footprint compared to wet scrubbers or thermal oxidation systems.
        Unique design reduces maintenance requirements.
        Extends the life of the carbon media often to 20 years without replacement.

The Filtercrobe® Features:

        Carbon bed depths up to three (3) feet for high gas concentrations.

The Filtercrobe® Summary:

Granular Activated Carbon is housed in a drum inside a 304 stainless steel tank. The drum is constructed of
layers of perforated steel, and steel screens. The contaminated air passes through the center of this drum
containing granulated carbon media to exit. The drum slowly rotates so that the bottom portion of the drum
containing 30 percent of the carbon is submerged at all times in a water bath charged with the proprietary
designed microbes - AgriMicrobe Sales Formula V®. The microbes remove and bio remediate the captured
contaminants from the submerged carbon. Thus the carbon is not spent with a residual of VOC’s or sulfur

Catalytic carbon has been used for over ten years in scrubber systems to remove hydrogen sulfide from
wastewater applications. The technology is proven.  The difference with AgriMicrobe’s patented technology is
the method of cleaning the carbon media while in place with no operational loss or down time.  The Bio-filtration
system provides clean and safe disposal water periodically containing no acid. This waste may be disposed of
as normal wastewater.

With stainless steel construction, stainless steel screening, PVC piping and regenerated carbon, the only
maintenance cost should only involve motor maintenance. The AgriMicrobe Sales Formula V® microbes must
be replaced every 4 weeks. Properly managed, the system will operate with the necessary electricity and
“microbes” at a cost between $225 to $250 a month for a 20,000 CFM unit.  This does not include the power
cost for the air handler unit.
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