Low NOx Burner Emission Control Technology

The key to successful burner design lies in controlling the near-field burner aerodynamics of the combustion air to produce a match between the flame
reaction rates and the imposed velocities
. The application of swirl to the combustion air stream to create a re-circulation zone in front of
the burner is an effective means for flame stabilization and allows an increase in the range of burner loads without reducing flame
. The re-circulating fluid generates regions of high turbulence in the shear layer between the forward and the reverse flow, which resulting in
faster mixing of combustion air with the injected fue
l. The flow patterns and turbulence characteristics, developed by swirling flow can be affected
by the swirl profile, swirl level, diameter, and burner dimensions.

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is the state-of-the-art equipment to meet current and future emission compliance standards for
operators of all
burner applications
. The highly precision made Ultra Low NOx Burner, is designed to meet all current and future NOx emission requirements. The
design and operation of the burner is
protected by 18 worldwide patents. Field tests of the ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Natural Gas Burner have
demonstrated that the burner can achieve NOx levels of <= 6 ppm (d,3% O2); CO<=10 ppm (d, 3%O2) with excess oxygen <=1 %
without the use of
catalyst, re-burning, ammonia or urea injection techniques

Guidelines For A Correct Burner Equipment Purchase

When evaluating the options, include operating, installation, training, plant control, and equipment capital costs. Capital and operating costs
should be based on the actual utility costs, operational times and annual operating schedules of the plant.

Ask for a document presenting
all the features for the proposed equipment to ensure you are making a correct comparison. Request a
production schedule for the system to ensure that the facility can meet any of your regulatory requirements.

Working with proper data, applying utility costs, facility limitations, regulatory requirements and plant operating schedules all comprise important roles in
determining the correct abatement equipment.
Working with a vendor can greatly assist in making the right product choice.
AEFS offers complete process management, control, ignition, supervision, air and fuel supply components
for burner systems. We are a authorized factory representative for
Advanced Combustion Technology
the manufacturer of the Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner. The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NO Burner is the
solution to state and federal
EPA NOx compliance issues with the very highest NOx emission standards for
boilers, furnaces, thermal oxidizers, heaters, dryers and other industrial burner requirements. The Ultra-Low
NOx Burner is a
highly precision burner designed to meet all current and likely future NOx emission
. The design and operation of this Ultra Low NOx Burner is protected by 18 worldwide patents.

The Ultra Low NOx Burner can be installed on any new burner application or the Low NOx Burner may be
retrofitted to
any existing burner application which utilizes a forced draft fan. The extreme versatility
of the Low NOx Burner is achieved by its simple design and custom connections to the equipment. The Low
NOX Burner has been installed on fire tube boilers which have swing doors, and water tube boilers without
restricting any access to the boiler. The burner attachment will maintain the original equipment design and
allow access to most types of equipment which
minimizes the installation cost of the burner.


The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is designed for the convenience of maintenance and operator
personnel. There are
no moving parts on the Ultra Low NOx burner. This simple design reduces
maintenance costs to a minimum.

Ultra Low NOx Gideon Burner Performance

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner operates with the lowest emissions and the highest
available for Low NOx burners. The burner has the following performance characteristics.

Excess Oxygen:  
NOx Emissions: <6 to 9ppm (d,3% O)
CO Emissions: <10 ppm (d,3% O)
Flame Characteristic: Compact Stable Short Blue Flame
Burner Turn Down Ratio, greater Than: 10 to 1
Advantages: No moving parts

Ultra Low NOx Burner Features

The Ultra Low NOx Burner achieves its outstanding performance by the patented swirl flame design
which produces a
short strong and very stable flame when using flue gas recirculation, the FGR is
provided to the burner through the combustion air fan.
FGR is regulated by damper control off the
burner and demand is modulated to maintain the optimum ratios of fuel, air and flue gas. The air,
FGR and
fuel are linked proportionally to maintain proper combustion and the desired levels of O, NOx
and CO
. The burner is fully modulated and has been demonstrated to operate on turn down ratio of greater
than 10:1. (Gas)

Ultra Low NOx Burner Benefits

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner offers a number of benefits over other available burners:

  • Exceeds all current and will meet all future air pollution regulations
  • The reduction of emissions below those required will generate emission credits which can be used to
    expand capacity or often sold
  • The burner can be installed on new or retrofitted to existing furnaces, watertube and firetube boilers,
    and utility power plants
  • The installation uses a single, low temperature fan
  • The burner has no internal moving parts and requires very low maintenance
  • The burner is very cost effective
  • Single digit low NOx capability using FGR
  • Rapid process load swing capability
  • Operate in a air-preheat or high temperature air environment
  • High burner turn down capability
  • Simplistic design and construction

Ultra Low NOx Burner Availibilty

The Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is available for industrial burner applications and utility boilers with sizes
ranging 1-150 MMBtu/hr.

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is manufactured by Advanced Combustion Technology with the
highest industry standards and exceptional burner components. The
Burner Performance and standards
of manufacturing are guaranteed
. The Ultra Low NOx Gideon Burner is guaranteed to be free of
material and manufacturing defects for
two full years after installation. The Ultra Low NOx Burner
can achieve less than 6 ppm NOx (d, 3% O) at less than 10 ppm CO (d, 3% O).

State-Of-The-Art ACT-Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner

Worldwide concerns regarding the environment are presenting new challenges for the power, energy and
pollution control industries. Major emphasis on combating these challenges will greatly escalate over the
next decade.

There are five global environmental problems that exist:

  • Climate Change,
  • Acidification,
  • Eutrophication ( atmospheric deposition),
  • Urban Air Quality, and
  • Tropospheric ozone.

NOx is one of the most important pollutants with regards to the environmental problems,
NOx is one of the
main contributors in formation of tropospheric ozone, acidification, and is responsible for 70% of
the global chemical destruction of stratospheric ozone

The provisional emission reduction target for NOx, as given in the EU acidification strategy, is six (6) millions
tones by 2010, which means a reduction of 55% when compared to 1990 levels.

On March 10, 2005,
US EPA issued the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), a rule that will achieve the
largest reduction in air pollution in more than a decade. CAIR will permanently cap emissions of Nitrogen
Oxides (NOx) in the Eastern part of the United States. CAIR will be responsible for vary large reductions of
NOx emissions across 28 eastern states and the District of Columbia.
When fully implemented, CAIR will
reduce NOx by over 60 percent in these 28 states from the 2003 NOx levels

Fossil fuel combustion is one of the main sources for the global production of NOx. Low NOx combustion and
burner technologies are faced with new burner challenges for power, energy and pollution control industries.
The ACT-Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner, presented by Advanced Combustion Technology Co., Ltd, is the
state-of-the-art equipment for reducing NOx emissions.
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