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Benefits of Renting vs. Owning Air Pollution Control Equipment
We have a ready to use air pollution control fleet or can design a specialized system for your plant operations. Some of the available systems include:
Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Systems, Biological Oxidation System, Wet Scrubbers, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired Thermal
. Rentals range from 6 months to 5 years with flexible options.

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Biological oxidation technology offers a superior advancement in oxidation technology.
The blend of bacteria used have a capacity of 4,000 catalytic cycles per minute which offers
much higher oxidation capacity over thermal technology. American Environmental
Fabrication and Supply has designed a biological oxidation system that continually offers
>99% capture and  destruction rate efficiency. Biological abatement offers a technology that
has been in place for over ten years. Our Biological Oxidation Systems are available as
stationary and mobile operating units.

These particular, naturally occurring bacteria make use of the facilities emissions as a
source for biological growth and reproduction and further oxidize these emissions into
carbon dioxide and water. In the case of H2S there is a chemical process combined with an
microbial process that converts the H2S into elemental sulfur and water. Bacteria obtain
their energy from these emissions which acts as nutrients during the biological oxidation

The Biological oxidizers are the perfect abatement system for high volume airflow with
moderate 10,000 ppm to low very low 100 ppm plant emissions. When the off-gas process
stream has moderate to low emission concentration thermal oxidation becomes less
cost-effective. .

Biological Oxidizers provides the most favorable condition for bacterial growth and
reproduction. The biological area within the reaction chamber is controlled by the use of
the granulated carbon beds and therefore requires a wash cycle which supports the
biological colony.

The granulated activated carbon bed is used for adsorption of the emissions during the
Biological Oxidation operation. The granulated activated carbon bed acts as a filter and
is washed with the biological solution, it is this wash system that removes the emission
concentration from the carbon bed and allows the Biological Oxidation System to receive
additional process loading.

Biological Oxidation Systems have very low operating costs. In part because they
operate at ambient temperatures, using no form of fuel and require only enough
energy to drive the emission laden through the filter system. Systems are designed to
meet specific destruction rate efficiencies greater than
99+%. The systems have a very small
footprint and require minimal electrical consumption.

Biological Oxidation Systems have outstanding emission abatement characteristics and
reduce the CO2 production typically exhausted in thermal oxidation systems by 4/5.
Systems can be shut down for long periods of time, presenting no start up problems. To
restart the system simply pour in a small amount of the non hazardous biological formula
into the system and restart the process fan, it requires no time to reach maximum
destruction rate efficiencies. Impart by the carbon capturing beds.
Introduction to Biological Oxidation Systems
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