Thermal Oxidizer Galvanized System
Our Regenerative and Catalytic Thermal
oxidizers are Hot Dipped Galvanized to extend
the life of your equipment
, it is the process
whereby the fabricated steel, structural steel and
castings are coated with zinc prepared by

After cleaning the pickling process removes dirt, oil
dipping the metal in dilute solutions of hydrochloric or
sulfuric acid that
removes any rust and mill scale
to provide a clean metallic surface. After cleaning the
metal is immersed in
liquid flux (usually a zinc
ammonium chloride solution)
to remove any
oxides and to
prevent oxidation prior to dipping
into the bath of molten zinc.
Any excess zinc is removed by draining, vibrating the parts. The galvanized parts is then air-cooled or
quenched in liquid. Using zinc to protect steel from corrosion. Corrosion is caused by the inherent
tendency of After the bath the material is ready for galvanizing.  
They do this through a chemical or
electrochemical reaction with the environment Zinc seals the underlying steel from contact
with its environmen
t. If the steel is exposed to the elements due to mechanical damage, the
surrounding zinc corrodes sacrificially, protecting the underlying steel from corrosive attack.
The zinc
coating on galvanized steel is uniform: inside, outside, corners and edges.

At American Environmental Fabrication & Supply we utilize galvanizing on all our standard
Regenerative and Catalytic Series of Thermal Oxidizers.
Of course some plant processes will not
permit the usage of galvanized metals and therefore other metals and/or paints such as powder coating
are used. Each system is designed to the specific plant requirements.
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