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Benefits of Renting vs. Owning Air Pollution Control Equipment
We have a ready to use air pollution control fleet or can design a specialized system for your plant operations. Some of the available systems include:
Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Systems, Biological Oxidation Systems, NG Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems,Wet Scrubbers,
Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers
. Rentals range from 6 months to 5 years with flexible options.

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Granulated Activated Carbon Bed Adsorption Canisters
designed for a economical cost effective approach to
granular carbon system for air or vapor phase process
treatment applications.

All GAC Systems include a level and secure carbon
bed support across the entire canister lower sectional
area which creates a plenum region below the support
area for proper inlet distribution across the GAC
system. The GAC canisters are constructed of unlined
carbon steel or T304 stainless steel, both systems
offer a stainless steel perforated screen and angle
bed support for use with activated carbon during air

The GAC vapor phase carbon adsorber canisters are
for treatment up from 10 to 2000 cfm.

The vapor phase adsorbers are provided with a wide
variety of vapor phase activated carbon products that
can be specific for your air or vapor treatment

GAC vapor phase carbon adsorption canisters offer
many important construction features that make the
system an effective value driven option for many
industrial applications:

  • Sturdy Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction.

  • Operating Pressure Range up to 3 psig.

corrosion resistant materials.

  • 33" Diameter Access Port for easy activated
    carbon installation and removal.

  • Sturdy, Permanent Stainless Steel Bed Support
    across the full canister base sectional area.
    With Stainless Steel 1/16" perforated orifices for
    even vapor distribution across the entire bed for
    maximum inlet volumes and very low pressure

  • 4" Carbon or Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe
    Nipple for process connection.

  • 4" Carbon or Stainless Steel Exhaust Vent

  • Stainless Steel Grounding tube for protection
    against explosion.

  • Stainless Steel Removal Hooks for loading and
The GAC Canisters are shipped ready for installation with the activated carbon pre-installed. The GAC
system should be as close to the emission source as possible. The GAC system requires only a flexible
Carbon Bed Grounding Rod
Removable Perforated Vent and Storm Cap
4" Pipe Nipple for Easy Attachment
350lbs. Granulated or Catalytic Carbon
Granulated Carbon Adsorption System
Granulated Carbon Adsorption Canister Top View
Granulated Carbon Adsorption Canister Inside View
Granulated Carbon Adsorption Canister Grounding Rod
Granulated Carbon Adsorption  Canister Bottom Intake View
The GAC systems may be directly connected to storage tanks and other process containers. Air force through the system may be made by using a positive forced draft fan or blower or use the pressure
A safety relief valve should be provided on the storage tank or process vessel for protection against any blockage or system plugging. A back flow preventer should be installed between the process
vessel and the GAC system to prevent possible back flow. Should elevated concentrations of VOC be above 1% by volume a heat sink in the form of sprayer may be used or simply add dilution air on the
When controlling organic compounds it is recommended that the humidity be maintained below 50%. Higher levels of humidity will fill the carbon pores and reduce the carbon's ability to adsorb the
emissions. After the treated emissions exceeds the GAC systems containment concentration level or what is termed the systems breakthrough point, the GAC system's granular carbon should be replaced.

Either exchange the complete GAC system or should replacement on site be preferred isolate the inlet valve and remove the canister's 33" top to begin the vacuum operation. New granular carbon is
installed through the 33" GAC canister top and refill to the recommended level. American Environmental Fabrication & Supply can provide a full service solution to include removal, refill Either exchange
the complete GAC system or should replacement on site be preferred isolate the inlet valve and remove the canister's 33" top to begin the vacuum operation. New granular carbon may be operations and
waste management of the spent carbon.
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Perforated Stainless Steel Bed Support
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