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Benefits of Renting vs. Owning Air Pollution Control Equipment
We have a ready to use air pollution control fleet or can design a specialized system for your plant operations. Some of the available systems include:
Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Systems, Biological Oxidation Systems, Wet Scrubbers, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired
Thermal Oxidizers
. Rentals range from 6 months to 5 years with flexible options.

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Equipment Purchase Terms & Conditions

2. Delivery: Any statement relating to date of delivery or date of completion represents Seller's best estimate, but said date of delivery or
equipment shall be delivered F.O.B. Point of manufacture.

3. Force Majeure: Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered as a result of any failures
or delays in performance due to any cause or circumstances beyond its control, including, but not by way of limitation, any failures or
interference by civil or military authorities, compliance with the laws of the United States or with the orders or policies of any governmental
authority, delays in transit or delivery on the part of transportation companies or communication facilities or failures of sources of raw
material which are not due to Seller's neglect in placing orders or seeking alternate sources of raw material. In the event of such delay, the
and/or re-mobilization. In the event the Force Majeure situation shall extend longer than three months, then in that event Seller shall, at its
option, have the privilege of canceling the Contract. In such event, Buyer shall reimburse Seller for all costs and expenses (including
overhead costs) which Seller may have reasonably incurred in closing out the Contract, plus an amount as reasonable profits on that
portion of the Contract which has been completed.

4. Title and Risk of Loss: Title and risk of loss for the equipment shall pass to Buyer upon delivery of the equipment F.O.B. Point of
manufacture or upon notice of completion of mechanical erection should Seller be responsible for performing erection. Title to and risk of
loss of the equipment shall pass to Buyer in no other way, notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary, including any agreement to pay
freight, express, or other transportation or insurance charges.

5. Payment: Terms of payment are net 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise identified in the Document. In the event payment by
the Buyer is not made when due, Buyer shall pay interest on any overdue amount at the rate of 1.5% per month from the due date until
payment without prejudice to any other rights of the Seller. Seller has paid all taxes on the equipment.

6. Taxes: Prices stated herein are included any taxes, excises, or other governmental charges applicable to the equipment herein be in
deficit Buyer agrees to pay any differences on all property and other taxes which may be levied, assessed or charged against or upon 6.
Taxes: Prices stated herein are included any taxes, excises, or other governmental charges applicable to the equipment herein the

7. Warranties: Unless otherwise identified in the Document, Seller hereby warrants to that the equipment herein described will be free from
any liens or encumbrances, and that good title to said equipment will be conveyed to Buyer. Seller warrants equipment of its own
manufacture against defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions of usage and service for two years from date of
shipment of the Equipment. Equipment not manufactured by Seller shall receive such warranty, if any, of the manufacturer thereof and
which are hereby assigned to Buyer without recourse to Seller; Seller agrees to act as a liaison with a manufacturer of  equipment supplied
hereunder regarding any warranty claims if requested by Buyer. Subject to the limitation of Section 17 hereof, Seller's sole obligation and
Buyer's sole remedy under this warranty is limited to and shall be fully discharged by repairing o replacing any defective part F.O.B. Point
of manufacture. Seller shall not be liable for repair or alterations made without Seller's prior written approval. Seller shall not be liable for
damages or delay caused by defective material or workmanship.

8. Patent Infringement: Except for equipment manufactured by Seller based on specifications or drawings furnished by Buyer, Seller shall,
subject to the limitation of Section 17(c) hereof, defend at its expense any suit, action or proceeding brought against Buyer based upon
any claim that the equipment supplied hereunder infringes any United States patent which has been issued on or before the date of Seller's
Document and pay any damages and costs awarded therein against Buyer, if promptly notified by Buyer in writing of such claim and given
authority, information and assistance by Buyer (at Seller's expense) to conduct such defense. In lieu of defending Buyer in such suit, action
or proceeding, Seller may, at its expense and option, either procure for Buyer the right to use the equipment or modify it so that it no longer
infringes, or replace it with non-infringing equipment. The foregoing constitutes the entire responsibility and liability of Seller for patent

9. Changes: Buyer shall have the right during the progress of the work to request in writing, additional work, or deletion of any work covered
hereunder; provided, however, that such changes do not materially affect the scope of work, and provided that such changes are not, in the
Seller's judgment, inconsistent with sound engineering principals or the Seller's guarantees, warranties, and/or responsibilities hereunder. If
such changes result in any increase or decrease in the work to be performed by Seller, or the cost thereof, or the cost of equipment and
materials to be furnished by the Seller, the resulting change to the contract price shall be agreed upon in writing before such changes are
effected; provided, that Seller shall be entitled to continue the performance of its work hereunder regardless of any proposed change until
such agreement in writing is made. If such requests for changes and/or such changes result   in any delay in the completion of the Seller's
work hereunder, the estimated time of completion shall be correspondingly extended by written agreement between the parties before the
changes are effected.

10. Termination: Buyer may terminate the contract for convenience upon notifying Seller in writing of such fact and paying Seller for all
costs and expenses (including overhead) incurred by it in performing its work and closing out the same, plus a reasonable profit based on
the total price of the Contract.

11. Indemnification: If Seller's work under the Contract requires its presence on Buyer's premises, Seller shall indemnify and save Buyer
harmless against all losses or claims for bodily injury (including death) and property damage the proximate cause of which is Seller's willful
or wanton acts or its active negligence. Seller's liability to indemnify and save Buyer harmless shall be limited to and co-extensive with
Seller's insurance.

12. Compliance with laws, codes, standards and regulations:

a) In the event that the performance required of Seller hereunder violates any applicable law, ordinance or regulation, Seller shall, upon
Buyer's written direction, modify its performance hereunder so as to comply therewith,
But any additional cost incurred thereby shall be borne by Buyer.

b) Seller shall follow industrial codes and standards (in effect as of the date of Seller's  Document), which are referenced in Buyer's
specifications, insofar as said code or  standard is customary within the air pollution control industry.

c) Buyer has full responsibility for obtaining any licenses, permits and inspections required with respect to installation and use of the
equipment herein described.

13. Drawings: All drawings or technical data furnished to Buyer by Seller hereunder shall remain the property of the Seller and Buyer shall
have the use of said drawings or technical data for the limited purpose of maintaining and operating the equipment sold hereunder.

14. Waivers: Seller's waiver of any breach or failure to enforce any of the terms, conditions and specifications of the Contract shall not in
any way affect, limit or waive Seller's right thereafter to enforce and compel strict compliance with every term, condition and specification
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Our working process
in 3 steps

planing & strategy

test & deliver

design & develop
We pride ourselves in going the extra mile
and testing each piece of equipment
knowing that you are receiving correctly
designed equipment to meet your specific
Implement proven equipment designs with
chemical, thermal and biological reactions
that achieves the required process result.
Results shall be based on reaction rates
and proper control logic.
Our Corporate goal is to implement the
correct design criteria with the use of
proper metals, instruments and controls to
achieve the required result with the least
amount of maintenance and associated
energy costs.