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Benefits of Renting vs. Owning Air Pollution Control Equipment
We have a ready to use air pollution control fleet or can design a specialized system for your plant operations. Some of the available systems include:
Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Systems, Biological Oxidation Systems, Wet Scrubbers, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired
Thermal Oxidizers
. Rentals range from 6 months to 5 years with flexible options.

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Regenerative thermal oxidizers or direct thermal oxidizers fuel usage can be abundant. With annual
analysis at no fee or charge to you. During the analysis we will develop a clear understanding of
your current thermal  oxidation equipment, plant capacities, future growth plans, flows and the
necessary new TEAM oxidation equipment sizes.

Energy Savings Plan (ESP) will require no capital investment from your company!. The cost
of the new system is derived from the savings in fuel and electrical consumption along with any tax
incentive that may be available from your state.
This makes the TEAM Biological Oxidation System
an easy purchase with the new equipment capitol already being spend on current utility

Many times companies refer to this method of buying equipment as a new way to
implement a
greener approach to their current oxidation equipment and a solution that doesn't require
any large capital requirement
. The energy savings plan insures both your company and ours have
a vested interest in the equipment, operating success and a environmental improvement.

As part of the agreement, the company would pay American Environmental Fabrication and Supply a
monthly fee derived from the natural gas and electrical saving, these savings are generated by
replacing the equipment with our new greener oxidation equipment.
AEFS will guarantee the new
oxidation equipment for operating efficiency and destruction rate efficiency along with
providing a preventive maintenance schedule for the full term of the agreement.

The TEAM unit will save 10’s of thousands of dollars per month on larger units and will eliminate fuel
consumption for VOC abatement 100%. That's right if your plants emissions qualify for the TEAM unit

you will
not have any fuel costs on your VOC abatement system.

Overall, your company will reduce the net monthly operating expense due to the reduction in natural
gas fuel.
This fuel and electrical savings will be the monthly payment for the equipment. As
an additional benefit, AEFS will provide at the end of the contract the TEAM equipment and thereafter
you will be the sole beneficiary of all the energy savings.

By using the energy performance contract to fund the new equipment, your company will have a new
environmental air pollution control equipment that is the
latest technology and operates on an
average of a 1/4 the original operating costs.

Because AEFS energy payment depends on the system's performance, AEFS will continuously monitor
performance and regularly inspect the TEAM system. At most facilities, extended down time on
abatement equipment is prohibited. AEFS is dedicated to customer support 24/7 365 days per year.  

More often on
older systems may have limited capacity. With the introduction of newer equipment,
the company will be able to
support more production capacity. New capacities will allow the
company to expand product lines and create new opportunities to generate additional revenue.

TEAM Unit has a smaller footprint and can be placed inside the plant facility. This re-acquired
space may be used in other ways preserving the real estate for plant uses.

By implementing an Energy Performance Agreement,
you will be able with no capital outlay, to:

Expand your VOC capacity for future additional production lines.
• Save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually that is guaranteed.
• Replace aged equipment with a state-of-the-art oxidation machine.
• Avoid thermal oxidizer costly repairs
• Get long-term support, preventive maintenance and service at no cost.

For more information please review the short video:
TEAM Biological Oxidizer
Energy Savings Plan (ESP) For Oxidation Equipment
TEAM Energy Savings Plan For Thermal Oxidation Removal
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Our working process
in 3 steps

planing & strategy

test & deliver

design & develop
Our Corporate goal is to implement the
correct design criteria with the use of
proper metals, instruments and controls to
achieve the required result with the least
amount of maintenance and associated
energy costs.
Helpful Equipment Information
Implement proven equipment designs with
chemical, thermal and biological reactions
that achieves the required process result.
Results shall be based on reaction rates
and proper control logic.
We pride ourselves in going the extra mile
before it leaves the plant. It is our way of
knowing that you are receiving correctly
designed equipment to meet your specific
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