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Energy Performance Agreement

Older regenerative thermal oxidizers or current and older models of direct thermal oxidizers fuel usage can be
abundant. With annual costs above $500,000 per year; these systems are inefficient and burn through the
natural gas. Often if you have one of these older or direct fired oxidizer systems you may qualify for our energy
performance agreement along with a state funded tax incentive.

After inspection of your existing equipment we will determine if the system had been designed with lower thermal
efficiency. This means developing an understanding of the heat recovery media, fuel train system, capacity and
sizes. The inspection it is usually as simple as changing or upgrading the type of equipment used.

An Energy Performance Agreement (EPA) will require no capital investment from the company. The cost of the
system is derived from the savings in fuel consumption along with any tax incentive that may be available from
your state.
This makes the bio-filtration system (Filtercrobe) or the new regenerative thermal oxidizer
system an easy purchase with buying capitol already being directed to the utility bills

Many times companies look at this approach as a way to implement a improved serving greener equipment
solution without any large capital requirement. The performance guarantee insures both companies have a
vested interest in the equipment improvement.

As part of the agreement, the company would pay the equipment supplier a monthly fee derived from the natural
gas saving, these savings are generated by the equipment replacement. American Environmental Fabrication &
Supply guarantees the selected equipment efficiency for the full term of the agreement.

The agreement will also include bonuses for exceeding the guaranteed efficiency and penalties for falling short.
In short, this means that if our equipments performance falls below the guaranteed level, we will pay the
company's additional gas usage, this is an incentive to immediately address any equipment issue.

Most large thermal oxidizer systems will save 10’s of thousands of dollars per month and will reduce fuel
consumption for VOC abatement as much as 100%. That's right if your plants emissions qualify for the
Filtercrobe you will not have any fuel costs on your VOC abatement system.

Overall, the company will reduce the net monthly operating expense, because the average natural gas savings
exceeds the monthly payment for the equipment through the energy performance contract. As an additional
benefit to the company at the end of the contract, the company will own the equipment and be the sole
beneficiary of the energy savings.

By using the energy performance contract to fund the new equipment replacement, the company will wind up with
a new piece of air pollution control equipment that is the latest technology and operate on an average between
1/8 and 1/4 the original operating costs. Often to repair or modify older existing equipment the costs may range
around $250,000. This investment is seen as too much for older equipment. Many companies also receive the
benefit of lower maintenance costs as these older styles often require heavy maintenance.

Because the supplier's payment depends on the system's performance, the supplier continuously monitors
performance and regularly inspects and tunes the system. At most facilities, extended down time on VOC
abatement is prohibited. This means that your supplier is dedicated to 24/7 support.  

More often on older systems, they may have limited capacity. With the introduction of newer equipment, the
company will be able to support more production capacity. New capacities will allow the company to expand lines
and create new opportunities to generate additional revenue. Often, increasing plant capacities are easily
acquired with a new production line and making minor changes to the exhaust duct.

Newer style of equipment are often quite smaller and are generally skid mounted, as such require very limited
footprint  or space. This re-acquired area may be used in other ways preserving the real estate for other uses.

By implementing an equipment replacement under a Energy Performance Agreement, you will be able with no
capital outlay, to:

• Expand your VOC capacity for future additional production lines
• Save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually that is guaranteed
• Replace aged older style equipment with state-of-the-art machine MACT standard equipment
• Avoid very costly repairs
• Get long-term supplier support, monitoring and service
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