Excess air helps prevent the formation of carbon monoxide and soot deposits, but effects the operating
costs by having to use more fuels to heat the ambient combustion air. These fuels use approximately
1cubic foot of air to release 100 British Thermal Units (BTU's) in complete combustion. The
process heating efficiency is reduced considerably on regenerative thermal oxidizers, if the air supply is
significantly higher than the required air.

The Benefit of our regenerative and catalytic thermal oxidizers is documented for CO
2 reduction. For
each MCF of CH
4 burned completely, 117 pounds of CO2 is produced.  At full utilization on a larger
thermal oxidizer with a 10% reduction in excess O
2, the reduction would equal 630,006 pounds, or 315
tons of CO
All of our regenerative and Catalytic thermal
oxidizers offers
Combustion Air Systems with
continuous monitoring for excess O2  levels within
the system. This provides
significant fuel savings
and reduced emissions
when compared to other
regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and Catalytic
thermal oxidizer (CTO) systems. As the  process
temperatures fluctuates the thermal oxidizer system
continually monitors and controls the combustion air
to minimise the excess air and increase fuel
efficiency, this O
2 monitoring offers a large fuel
savings and reduced air emissions.

By using the
optimizing combustion efficiency
on your thermal oxidizer system, you will
minimize destruction costs and maximize utilization.
Other high-temperature thermal oxidizer systems are
designed to operate with 10-30% excess combustion
air at high fire which is highly inefficient.
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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Burner Combustion Air System
Two Stage Low NOx Burner For Oxidation Process
Our ReGen and ReCat Series regenerative
thermal oxidizer and catalytic thermal oxidizer
offer complete micro adjustment of excess
2 levels. We use Two Stage Low NOx Burners
ith the capability of using the heated exhaust air
for combustion. This helps to minimize the heating
requirements of the combustion air. This
provides significant oxidizer fuel savings, reduced
emissions and improved
BTU utilization. With our
oxidizer systems you will never have to adjust your
burners and combustion air system again as these
functions are built in the self regulating PLC system.
With more and more regulatory bodies requiring a
reduced emissions our O
2 sensor system makes
sure your saving money in fuel as well as having
the latest technology in minimizing CO
2 and NOx