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Benefits of Renting vs. Owning Air Pollution Control Equipment
We have a ready to use air pollution control fleet or can design a specialized system for your plant operations. Some of
the available systems include:
Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Systems, Biological Oxidation Systems, NG
Conditioning Systems,Wet Scrubbers, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers
. Rentals
range from 6 months to 5 years with flexible options.
BTU Reduction/Conditioning System For Use On Natural Gas Engines
Often Natural Gas from the well heads or midstream NG operations have too high BTU values to operate
natural gas engines that drive compressors, boilers and other power generation equipment. Oil and
related companies frequently have
to use either electrical natural gas compressor systems, purchased
natural gas or use natural gas engines running at lower or de-rated values that require more frequent

In order to facilitate greater gas production and often comply with environmental issues concerning
unspent engine fuel or high carbon monoxide levels companies are shifting the focus on reducing the field
BTU content for use on their natural gas engines. American Environmental Fabrication & Supply has
developed a proven patent pending BTU reduction system to
remove the higher molecular weighted
hydrocarbons and supply a very clean stream of Methane. Higher weighted fuels will be reduced by the
BTU Reduction System allowing the natural gas engines to operate at 100% RPM capacity without piston,
motor damage or engine de-rating while allowing for fewer exhaust emissions.

We offer a full
24 month warranty on the BTU Reduction System which applies to all system
. Additionally, we offer full service and repair should you prefer that our technicians provide
preventive maintenance on the equipment. Systems may be designed for use with
multiple natural gas
providing one system for multiple natural gas engine use. Often natural gas engines are within
close proximity to one another. When multiple natural gas engines occur within close proximity the BTU
Reduction System can be
designed to provide all the necessary natural gas needed to operate
multiple natural gas engines
, reducing the amount of equipment necessary in the field.

Advantages of the BTU reduction System
    • Uses inexpensive capturing media as the adsorbent bed with years of adsorbent life.
    Automatically adjusts BTU outlet value based in inlet gas stream. (Optional BTU PID Control Loop)
    • Has a small real estate foot print at (68 sq. ft).
    • Has few moving parts to reduce labor and maintenance costs.
    Operates in remote locations by a small solar panel (7amps @ 24vDC)
    Can economically reduce the BTU content at low operating pressure

Equipment                                                                                                For More Information:
    Single Process Vessel
    Air or Electric Actuated Valves
    Adsorbed Media 3,000lbs.

Operating Parameters
    • Field Gas or Midstream Gas between 1,825 to 1,150 BTU/Ft^3
    Minimum Inlet Gas Pressure >50 psi
GRIP Fuel Gas Conditioning Video
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The BTU Reduction System provides unparalleled
natural gas field production and the ability to use
standard natural gas engines and compressors
reducing equipment costs. By using the BTU
Reduction System there is
No long lead time for
specialized compression packages
. The BTU
reduction system is extremely reliable and offers
years of service with very minimal maintenance.

Natural gas engines prefer to
operate between
>950 BTU/Ft.^3 and <1050 BTU/Ft^3.
revolutionary patent pending BTU Reduction
System accomplishes the reduction by gas
enzyme reaction process we term Gas Reduction
Injection Process or "GRIP" System.
GRIP Gas Conditioning System
GRIP Natural Gas Conditioning System
Midstream NG Fuel Inlet 1625 BTU
Midstream NG Fuel Outlet 998 BTU
Ask about our real time continuous
BTU engine performance video
meeting. Specifically designed for
your purchase evaluation.