American Environmental Fabrication &
Supply's number one goal number one
goal is to manufacture a
long lasting thermal oxidizer
. Our
systems are built to run and operate in the
harshest industrial environments. This is
where our competitors stop. We have
designed a system that has many dual
functions that will allow operation until a
needed repair can be made without ever
shutting down the system, this will allow
repairs to be made in a timely organized
manner without being rushed in the middle
of the night to fix a problem. This will assist
in continuous 24/7 365 plant operation.
Dual hot-air by-pass systems serve several purposes. When a high Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
occurs the systems internal temperature will rise beyond the chamber high limit set point, at this
time the hot air by-pass valves will open emitting the super heated air from the combustion
chamber to the stack without ever over heating the ceramic media or exhaust valves.

Overheating by high level (LEL) can cause the ceramic heat recovery media to melt. Without a
hot air by-pass system on plant operations that have high LEL loading or LEL spikes during
peak operations, your system may experience high temperature limit shut downs, catalytic
fouling, metal fatigue, and damper blade warping. Additionally you may be violating permitting
requirements and be fined or you may have to discontinue plant operations during these shut
down periods causing loss of plant revenue.

We are the only manufacture in the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and regenerative
catalytic oxidizer (RCO) industry that offers this dual hot air by-pass feature on a system. Be
assured that regardless of the process upset condition or malfunction your system will continue
to operate and function.
Thermal Oxidizer Protection With Hot Air By-Pass
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